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How Can You End A Tenancy Early in BC?

January 6th, 2017 · credit check, Latest News, Tenant screening

BC Landlord Credit check residential tenancy branch

A BC Landlord Is Frustrated With The Residential Tenancy Branch And Asks How To End a Tenancy Early

BC landlords who have had their own problems with bad tenants were quick to write in to us after our story in September called “Tenant Problems – No Rent, Grow-Op Leaves new BC Landlord Frustrated“.

It was about a new landlord named Angela Cunningham in Prince George and the story started with the landlady renting to the tenant based on trust.

Being an honest and hard-working person who always pays her bills on time she thought others would do the same.

She rented to a tenant based on her “gut feeling” instead of rely on the cold hard truths that are show when you run a BC landlord credit check on tenants.

Sure a tenant can seem ‘nice’ and tell you what you want to hear in order to get you to rent to them. However, as Cunningham found out this means little when you are running a rental property business as she faced a tenant who she also suspected had his own marijuana grow-op set up on her property!

After losing at her first Hearing and not able to evict her tenant, Cunningham said the Residential Tenancy Branch is biased against landlords.

Residential Tenancy Branch

We agree with her and so do many others other BC landlords. Some landlords even want to sell their rentals and invest become a landlord in Alberta where the rules are more fair.

A landlord wrote in:

The BC Residential Tenancy Branch has created so many problems for property owners who rent out premises to tenants from hell.

“Years ago landlords had some type of control, and now it is practically non existent.

The landlords in the Hood who do not care what type of activity takes places in the rented premises can simply sit back and collect–and the type of tenant renting is happy living under those conditions.

A responsible property owner normally has little, if no knowledge, of the person who will be occupying their premises. Thousands and thousands in damages can occur and the property owner will eventually realize the lesson in futility they will experience when attempting to recover repair costs from a tenant..

Any property owner who rents had best be prepared for a tenant from hell which makes their attempt to capitalize on a rental property an absolute nightmare.


Another B.C. Landlord wrote:

“I am 0 for 2 so far, nothing but losers and deadbeats. Even I didn’t know that it was a whole ordeal, basically I would suggest they get the person out of there, do what ever you have to just get them off your property, deal with the tenant board after.”

How Can You Terminate a Tenancy Early in British Columbia?

Once you get into problems with tenants make sure you contact a licensed legal professional for legal advice and help.

The Province did provide a basic overview of what you can do that is worthwhile reading for small landlords.

Here is what The Province website suggests for landlords:

1) File a notice to end tenancy.

There are three different kinds of eviction notices that landlords can serve to tenants depending on the circumstances: A 10-day notice (for tenants who do not pay their rent or utilities when due); a 30-day notice (for cases where the tenant has caused “extraordinary” damage to the property, engaged in illegal activity or jeopardized the safety of the landlord or another tenant); and a two-month notice (for when the landlord intends to do major construction, use the property or when the tenant no longer applies for subsidized housing). Each notice must be served in a specific manner and the tenant has a specific window to dispute the eviction depending on the type of notice served.

2) Apply for an Order of Possession.

If the tenant does not apply to dispute the eviction notice, a landlord is able to apply for an Order of Possession through the Residential Tenancy Branch. This order compels the tenant to move out and gives the landlord the power to repossess the property and/or unit. The landlord must serve the tenant with the order.

3) Apply for a Writ of Possession.

Under law, a landlord is not allowed to physically remove a tenant, lock a tenant out or take possession of a tenant’s property. If a renter refuses to vacate a property after their tenancy has legally concluded, then a landlord is able to apply for a Write of Possession from B.C. Supreme Court. The writ allows a court bailiff to legally remove the tenant from the property and return ownership the property to the landlord.

4) Hire a bailiff

The landlord is required to pay for the bailiff to come and remove the renter, which could cost between $900 and $5,000, according to a spokesperson from the Residential Tenancy Branch. Some of this cost, however, can be recovered from the sale of the tenant’s possession, which the bailiff has the authority to do under the Writ of Possession.

Avoid Tenant Problems With Good Tenant Screening!

You can do this with proper tenant screening, including running a credit check on your tenants. Choose good tenants and avoid huge hassles and losing money!

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How Much Can BC Landlords Raise the Rent This Year (2015)?

January 1st, 2015 · BC landlord rent increase 2015

 BC Landlord Official Notice of Rent Increase Form

Landlords across British Columbia are looking at 2015 with optimism. We know there are lots of great tenants out there. With careful tenant screening including running credit checks landlords can find and rent to tenants who pay the rent on time and treat your property with care.

Of course, there are still lots of challenges out there for landlords. We received an email from a small residential landlord who wrote about one of these challenges:

“I read small BC landlords can only raise the rent by up to 2.5 percent in the year 2015. I’m not happy with this because the increase is just too low.”

“Let me explain. I’ve owned my income property for over three years and have never raised the rent before because my long term tenants are really good. The problem is I need to keep the property up and this means a lot of new expenses. I want to replace the roof, re-do the a support wall in the front yard that adds an extra parking spot space. I’m going to raise the rent but 2.5% doesn’t come anywhere near what my upgrades will cost. Also, my rent price is under the market value nowadays. What can I do?”

“With these low allowable rent increases I will now make sure to raise the rent every year. It might even be better for me to encourage my current tenants to leave so I can raise the rent to market rents. It seems crazy I would want good long term tenants to leave but the system is unfair. It should be more like what they do in Alberta.”

“It should be more like what they do in Alberta in my honest opinion!”

How Much Can Alberta Landlords Raise the Rent in 2015?

Many landlords in BC agree with you and believe the BC rules on rent increases should be changed.

In Alberta landlords can raise the rent as much as the market will bear as long as it is only once a year and proper notice is given. Alberta doesn’t have rent control.

How Can A BC Landlord Raise the Rent Above the Maximum Annual Amount?

“I’m going to raise the rent but 2.5% doesn’t come anywhere near what my upgrades will cost. Also, my rent price is under the market value nowadays. What can I do?”

You can try to raise the rent above the maximum annual amount.

If a British Columbia landlord wants to raise the rent above the maximum amount you have two options.

1. Tenants Written Agreement to Raise the Rent

You can get the tenants to agree in writing to the new increase. Some tenants will agree but many will feel it’s very strange why you will need to raise the rent when the government has a published guideline.

2. Get an Order from the Residential Tenancy Branch

If the tenants disagree you need to make an application to the Residential Tenancy Branch for a hearing.

It costs $200 to even apply (and $5 for every unit involved) and you have to prove to a Dispute Resolution Officer raising the rent higher than the guideline is justified.

The landlord can begin the process by completing a form from the Residential Tenancy Branch called an “Application for Additional Rent Increase.”

Get ready because you will have to make your case and convince the Officer which can be complicated.

How Do I Tell My Tenants The Rent Will Be Increased By 2.5 percent?

You need to serve your tenants a notice this will happen. You need to service it at least three months before you can actually start charging the new rent.

How Much Were Past BC Landlord Rent Increases?

They are usually pretty low. For example in 2014 it was even lower than in 2015. The rent increase guideline was only 2.2% in 2014.

In 2013 it was 3.8%. In 2012 it was 4.3%. And in 2011 it was only 2.3%

BC Landlords Are You Going To Raise the Rent in 2015?

The rent increase is low, as usual. Many experienced landlords will raise the rent every year to make sure the rents keep up (or at least keep close) to market rates. What are you going to do?

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Tenant Problems British Columbia – No Rent, Grow-Op Leaves New BC Landlord Frustrated

September 1st, 2014 · BC Landlords Association, credit check, Latest News, Tenant screening

You want me to pay rent, get rid of the grow op, and move out? Hell No!!

Tenant Problems British Columbia – A new landlord with tenant problems says the B.C. Residential Tenancy Branch isn’t fair

The BC Landlords Association has worked hard to educate landlords on the importance of tenant screening and provide the tools landlords need at an affordable price.

A recent story in the Province on a landlord facing a tenant who isn’t paying rent and even built a grow-op shows why this is so important for small residential landlords.

First Time Landlord Find the Perfect Tenant

A BC landlord with a rental property in Prince George is becoming increasingly frustrated dealing with her tenant.

According to the story landlord Angela Cunningham thought she had found the a great tenant for her rental property.

Why Did She Think He Was a Great Tenant?

There were a number of reasons including:

1. Appearance

The person wanting to rent her property was clean-cut and friendly.

2. Employment

He was employed and could afford to pay the rent.

3. “Gut Feeling”

The landlord and her husband got a good “gut feeling” about him. He seemed nice and honest and the type of person who would be a perfect tenant.

This hit is off so well they rented to him and even invited him for their family Thanksgiving dinner.

Things Start To Go Downhill

Soon after the holiday dinner things went downhill. Cunningham says rent payments were missed and she eventually served an eviction notice. Shaw also says she discovered an marijuana grow-op in the property.

Months later the tenant is still living there after she lost at her emergency Residential Tenancy Branch.

The first-time landlords now find themselves with a tenant who refuses to budge and an unfavourable ruling from the Residential Tenancy Branch that’s left them questioning whether B.C.’s tenancy legislation is balanced, or biased toward the renter.

I did exactly what I was told to do and he is still there,” said Angela Cunningham. “I’m horrified that I am asking for help and have to keep jumping through hoops. I am shocked, shocked that this is allowed to continue.”

Become a Professional British Columbia Landlord

You can read the rest of the story and the details at The Province. It’s a startling wake-up for new landlords on what can happen if you aren’t careful.

1. Make sure you read the RTA carefully and know proper procedures.

2. Network with other landlords and learn as much as you can by reading news stories about what has happened to other landlords.

3. Make sure you screen your tenants carefully including running credit checks on your prospective tenants.

BC Landlords Association Membership – For a low one time registration fee new landlords can protect yourselves and your rental business.

Start networking, get the BC Landlord Rental Kit and get premium background screening with tenant credit checks.

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How Can BC Landlords Avoid Bad Tenants?

August 1st, 2014 · BC Landlords, BC Landlords Association, Tenant Credit Check

0918 a1 rent.jpg

BC Landlords – Avoid Renting To Bad Tenants! A Vancouver Was Shot After Evicting His Tenant. Screen Your Tenants Carefully!

BC landlords had some good news recently according to CBC news.

It was about those ‘serial bad’ tenants finally paying one of their landlords the rent they owed to avoid going to jail.

These were the couple who were serial bad tenants and cheated 8 landlords in 2 years. They always had a great story, but once they moved in their rent cheques were NSF and they refused to pay rent.

It’s a great lesson for BC landlords to make sure you always run credit checks on tenants to make sure their ‘stories’ are real.

Vancouver Landlord Shot

There has also been some extremely disturbing news for landlords and property managers this summer

The news of a Vancouver tenant shooting his landlord has shocked landlords across the province.

According to CTV news the shooting was triggered over a landlord and tenant property dispute at the rental property.

We’ve written before about the importance of tenant screening to rent to good tenants.

In this case the tenant was evicted from the rental property and decided to get an illegal firearm and shot his landlord!

Police Officers and the tenant shot at each other near families who were visiting Science World in an extremely dangerous situation. Visitors at the attractions were forced to lie down to avoid getting hurt while the gunfight was on.

Fortunately no one in the area (kids, parents, teachers, staff) were hurt in the fight with the evicted tenant!

The 61-year-old tenant was shot, then arrested and taken to receive medical attention.

He required surgery for his injuries.

The last update we receives was the ex-tenant was in serious condition and under guard by police.

Reports says the shooting was triggered by a tenant-landlord dispute at the property as he had been evicted from a rental property recently.

How Can Tenant Credit Help You Avoid Bad Tenants?

This is another case that is similar to the B.C. landlords who were ripped off by serial bad tenants.

The landlord wasn’t at fault except they were too trusting.

They believed what the tenants said and didn’t check to make sure the tenant was telling the truth. Ontario landlords know this is a recipe for trouble.

Even Alberta landlords are now realizing that if you don’t screen you tenants carefully, including credit checks, you can lose thousands of dollars or worse!

Confirm Past Addresses

In this case running a tenant credit check would have shown past addresses of the evicted tenant.

When landlords have this information they can contact past addresses to learn the truth.

Many tenants who don’t pay rent or are violent have a history of constantly moving and not finishing leases. It’s important to talk to “real” former landlords to find out the truth.

How Can BC Landlords Run Tenant Credit Checks?

It’s easy and it’s affordable!

British Columbia landlords can join the BC Landlords Association.

1. You can join for only a one-time fee

2. Unlike other groups there is no annual fee

3. You get a Rental Kit full of premium documents

4. You get access to a Private Members forum where you can network with experienced landlords and property managers

5. You get access to premium credit checks for $10 / check!

Join the BC Landlords Association and Avoid Renting To Bad Tenants! Protect Yourself and Your Rental Property Investment!

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BC Landlords: Serial bad tenants avoid jail time after paying out judgement

July 6th, 2014 · Bad tenants, BC Landlords, Tenant Credit Check

 BC Landlords Serial bad tenants avoid jail time after paying out judgement

BC landlords: Serial bad tenants Susan & Chris Perret paid their former landlord $7,900 to avoid jail time. They still owe other past landlords $32,000

Do you remember the case of those serial bad tenants who ripped of 6 landlords in only two years?

These were the the tenant couple who were facing potential jail time for their scam.

They approached good-hearted landlords who only want nice people to rent their investment property.

These landlords are good, honest people, and they are trusting people and the Perret’s had a ready-made sob story to tell and fake references. 

The targeted warm-hearted small landlords and knew the tricks to get these small landlords to rent to them.

As soon as they moved in, the landlords would find their cheques bounced and these tenants wouldn’t pay a cent of rent they owed.

Did The Landlords Who Were Ripped Off Run Tenant Credit Checks?

No, they didn’t. Instead they believed the tenants story and trusted them.

These small landlords could have protected themselves by running a credit check on these tenants. But they didn’t and fell for the trick and got burned. They should have joined the BC Landlords Association and started running premium tenant credit checks.

BC Small Claims Court

One of the landlords who was ripped off was Suman Parasad.

Parasad was the first landlord to take the Perrets to small claims court over unpaid rent, claiming the pair racked up almost $8,000 in arrears in 2013.

On April 28, a small claims court judge in Port Coquitlam ordered Susan & Chris Perret to repay a sum of $6,000 to the ex-landlord Suman Parasad by June 9th. If they didn’t pay they would go to jail.

What Happened? Did the Tenants Pay The Rent Or Go To Jail?

A recent report by CBC news says a couple of serial bad tenants have avoided jail time after paying out judgement.

After taking them to small claims court Parasad said the tenants began to slowly re-pay her the $7,900 in rent they owed her.

Landlord Parasad has now been re-paid and she says she want to help all the other landlords who have been ripped off by these serial bad tenants.

The list of landlords who have been cheated is now up to eight in the past two years.

These serial bad tenants still owe over $31,000 to former landlords.

Here are just some of the costs they owe landlords since July 2012 (only two years ago!)

1. July 2012 – Sept. 2012: Tenants Evicted. Money owed to Landlord- $7,500

2. September 2012: Tenants Evicted Again. Money owed to Landlord- $3,750

3. Oct. 2012 – March 2013: Tenants Evicted. Money owed was $7,900 and is Now repaid!

4. March – May 2013: Tenants Evicted. Money Owed to Landlord – $5,000

5. June – October 2013: Tenants Evicted. Money owed to Landlord – $7,500

6. Nov. 2013 – January 2014: Tenants Evicted Again. They owe Landlord – $3,000

7. Jan. – March 2014: Tenants Evicted. Owe the Landlord – $5,000

It’s really an amazing list!

Look at how many BC landlords who got tricked! This is clear proof why landlords need to screen carefully. Even Alberta landlords are now running credit checks on their potential renters and they have the most balanced laws in Canada.

How Can Good BC Landlords Avoid Bad Tenants?

Tenant screening is essential. And you need to always run a tenant credit check to make sure what your tenant tells you is true.

Make sure you run a tenant credit check the right way (and the legal way) by always using a certified tenant credit check provider such as GARDA.

You can’t run credit checks on tenants using a friend who is a mortgage agent, real estate agent, insurance broker, etc..

BC Landlords Make Sure You Rent To Good Tenants

Avoid these serial bad tenants who target small landlords by running tenant credit checks from certified companies.

Join the BC Landlords Association and start running premium credit checks today for only a one-time registration fee (no annual fee).

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BC Landlords Credit Check- Rent To Great Tenants! Start Running Credit Checks For a One-Time Fee!!

June 11th, 2014 · BC Landlords, British Columbia Landlords, Tenant Credit Check

 BC landlord credit check happy tenants

BC Landlords – Become a Member of the BC Landlords Association and Rent To Great Tenants! You Can Run Premium ‘Full’ Credit Checks When You Join For a One-Time Registration Fee (no annual fee)!

We live in an amazing province full of great natural beauty and friendly people.

This is why BC landlords are so confused and upset the CBC report about a couple of serial bad tenants who target landlords and cheat them out of thousands of dollars.

Who are these BC landlords?

They are people just like you and me.

They are hard-working and honest people who saved their money and invested in rental properties, also called ‘investment properties’.

Why Did They Invest in Rental Properties?

Because it can be a great way to invest and grow your family wealth for the future.

Who knows what will happen with government pensions in the future.

Why Are BC Rental Properties a Good Investment?

Our province is growing.

And people buy rental properties with the hopes of good cash-flow and future appreciation of the property.

They want to find good tenants.

What Do You Mean By Good BC Tenants?

Good landlords love good tenants.

These tenants obey the rules in the lease, pay rent, and take care of the property.

So What Is A Bad BC Tenant?

These are tenants who don’t follow your lease rules.

Or they don’t pay rent.

Or they might even damage your property (or set up a grow-op!) 

How Can I Make Sure I Rent To These Good Tenants?

It all depends on how you screen these tenants.

One of the best ways to screen a tenants is a tenant credit check.

What Will A BC Credit Check Show Me?

It will verify, with facts, what your tenant told you.

1. Are they who they say they are?

2. Do they work where they say they work?

3. Have they lived where they say they have lived?

4. Are they financially responsible?

5. Have they ripped off people before?

Wow, That’s Amazing!

Yes, a tenant credit check is exactly what you need to be a successful BC landlord! Yes, even Alberta Landlords are doing tenant credit checks.

How Can I Do Credit Checks?

You can join the BC Landlords Association and for only a one-time registration fee.

What About Other BC Landlords Associations?

They charge an annual fee and even a registration fee of $50! It’s not affordable for BC landlords!

BC Landlords – Become a Member of the BC Landlords Association and Get Premium Credit Checks from your Home or Office Computer.  It’s the Landlord Deal of a Life-Time!

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BC Landlords Warning – Tenants Have All The Rights

May 27th, 2014 · BC Landlords, British Columbia Landlords, Tenant Credit Check

 BC Landlords Warning - Tenants Have All The Rights

A Vancouver Landlord Says He Believes in Tenant Rights, But There Needs To Be Some Rights For Landlords Too.

It’s Another Reason For BC Landlords To Do Credit Checks To Make Sure You Rent To Great Tenants!

We have a question for BC landlords – Are the rules for landlords and tenants in British Columbia fair?

According to a post in the BC landlords forum they are not. The rules favour tenants and landlords (and their rental properties) are constantly at risk if you rent to the wrong tenants.

How Are the Laws in BC Unfair To Landlords?

A BC landlord wrote:

This is a warning for all landlords and potential investors in rental properties in BC.

The balance between tenant rights and landlord rights is starting to get dangerously unbalanced in British Columbia.

We are getting near what (gasp!) Ontario landlords face.

This landlord continued:

Alberta landlords have ways to evict scammer tenants quickly.

This leads to more investment in rental property by good landlords.

It’s Time for change in BC!

Is This BC Landlords Comments Right?

A report in Vancouver 24 hours backs this landlord up.

Salim Lakhani rented a condo to tenant Ruby Gifford.

Many other tenants in the building said Gifford acted as the landlord and took deposits from potential tenants.

are currently investigating a number of cases where a woman in Vancouver has been placing online ads to rent an apartment, accepting money and then defaulting on the property.”

Landlord Lakhani wants to evict Gifford for taking the deposits under these fake pretences.

The problem is the laws won’t help him evict her.

Landlord Lakhani contacted the British Columbia Residential Tenancy Branch for help.

They told him there was little he could do under the law expect request the “30 Days Notice To Vacate” against this scamming tenant.

This is also called an “Order for the Landlord To Possess.”

How Long Does It Take To Evict a Tenant In BC?

The sad news for the Vancouver landlord is if the tenant wants to fight the eviction it could take months to get her to move out.

Landlords Face Long Backlogs To Evict Tenants

The Residential Tenancy Act doesn’t really help landlords for this type of situation and the Residential Tenancy Branch is under-funded and under-staffed.

Landlords in British Columbia have a long wait to get justice.

BC Landlord Credit Checks And Tenant Screening

Are you convinced of the important of tenant screening yet?

The BC laws for landlords and tenants in unfair.

It can take the landlords months to evict a bad tenant, even a tenant who commits fraud.

Join the BC Landlords Association and do premium credit checks.

Unlike LandlordBC, the BC Landlords Association only charges a one-time registration fee of $99 to help you find great tenants (and avoid the professional tenants out there).

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BC Landlords – Tenant Credit Check

May 14th, 2014 · BC Landlords, British Columbia Landlords, Tenant Credit Check

Tenant Screening Las Vegas Property Management

BC Landlords – Make sure you do a tenant credit check to rent to good tenants and avoid professional tenants!

While there are a lot of great tenants out there looking to rent from you there is also a group of professional tenants who will con you into handing over the key.

Once they move in these pro’s will not pay rent.

These professional tenants who abuse the system have been the subject of an investigation by CBC news.

There have been six (yes six!) landlord victims from the same couple of serial bad tenants in the past two years.

Each time the small BC landlord believes the pro tenants story, does a couple of reference checks, and rents to the tenants…only to find they have been RIPPED OFF!

For more details go to the British Columbia Landlords site which explains the situation in detail.

BC Landlords Forum

One of the landlords who was ripped off by these serial bad tenants wrote about their case at the BC Landlords Forum:

“Landlords you might have seen the story about serial bad tenants who have cheated six landlords over the past two years.

I must admit I’m one of the landlords who was ripped off by these professional tenants.

You can read about the carnage from CBC news.

If you want more details go to the BCLandlords Association site.

I want to warn other landlords!

Most small landlords, we have bills to pay and we know every day the rental property is vacant is a financial loss for our families.

With mortgage payments and even vacant the property will have energy bills to pay, we naturally want to rent out our property as fast as possible!

Here’s my advice:

1. Never rush in to renting to anyone

Take your time to find good tenants because if you rent to someone who is a pro you will suffer and your family will suffer.

I wasn’t able to sleep at night for months.

These serial bad tenants took a toll on my health and even the health of my family.

We tried to keep the details from our kids but children aren’t stupid and they knew something was going wrong and I’m so angry this led them to being affected by non-paying tenants from hell!

2. Don’t Believe Tenant References

They get friends to act as employers and their past landlords are either fake or they are real landlords who just want to get rid of them.

3. Always Do Tenant Credit Checks

We didn’t do a BC tenant credit check.

We didn’t know how to do it and when we look around the companies out there were expensive and complicated.”

Join the BC Landlords Association

Unlike ROMS and LandlordBC the BC Landlords Association doesn’t charge you an annual fee for access to great services.

After all, small landlords are already struggling and we can’t afford annual fees!

Premier Tenant Credit Checks For BC Landlords

Join the BC Landlords Association ad get Premium Credit Checks for great fees per check with Equifax and GARDA.

And there is no “annual fee” for BC Landlords Association Membership!

BC Landlords – You only need to turn on the news to read about pro tenants ripping off small landlords.

Join the BC Landlords Association and Start Doing Tenant Credit Checks to Make Sure You Rent to Good Tenants!


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