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BC Landlords: Serial bad tenants avoid jail time after paying out judgement

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 BC Landlords Serial bad tenants avoid jail time after paying out judgement

BC landlords: Serial bad tenants Susan & Chris Perret paid their former landlord $7,900 to avoid jail time. They still owe other past landlords $32,000

Do you remember the case of those serial bad tenants who ripped of 6 landlords in only two years?

These were the the tenant couple who were facing potential jail time for their scam.

They approached good-hearted landlords who only want nice people to rent their investment property.

These landlords are good, honest people, and they are trusting people and the Perret’s had a ready-made sob story to tell and fake references. 

The targeted warm-hearted small landlords and knew the tricks to get these small landlords to rent to them.

As soon as they moved in, the landlords would find their cheques bounced and these tenants wouldn’t pay a cent of rent they owed.

Did The Landlords Who Were Ripped Off Run Tenant Credit Checks?

No, they didn’t. Instead they believed the tenants story and trusted them.

These small landlords could have protected themselves by running a credit check on these tenants. But they didn’t and fell for the trick and got burned. They should have joined the BC Landlords Association and started running premium tenant credit checks.

BC Small Claims Court

One of the landlords who was ripped off was Suman Parasad.

Parasad was the first landlord to take the Perrets to small claims court over unpaid rent, claiming the pair racked up almost $8,000 in arrears in 2013.

On April 28, a small claims court judge in Port Coquitlam ordered Susan & Chris Perret to repay a sum of $6,000 to the ex-landlord Suman Parasad by June 9th. If they didn’t pay they would go to jail.

What Happened? Did the Tenants Pay The Rent Or Go To Jail?

A recent report by CBC news says a couple of serial bad tenants have avoided jail time after paying out judgement.

After taking them to small claims court Parasad said the tenants began to slowly re-pay her the $7,900 in rent they owed her.

Landlord Parasad has now been re-paid and she says she want to help all the other landlords who have been ripped off by these serial bad tenants.

The list of landlords who have been cheated is now up to eight in the past two years.

These serial bad tenants still owe over $31,000 to former landlords.

Here are just some of the costs they owe landlords since July 2012 (only two years ago!)

1. July 2012 – Sept. 2012: Tenants Evicted. Money owed to Landlord- $7,500

2. September 2012: Tenants Evicted Again. Money owed to Landlord- $3,750

3. Oct. 2012 – March 2013: Tenants Evicted. Money owed was $7,900 and is Now repaid!

4. March – May 2013: Tenants Evicted. Money Owed to Landlord – $5,000

5. June – October 2013: Tenants Evicted. Money owed to Landlord – $7,500

6. Nov. 2013 – January 2014: Tenants Evicted Again. They owe Landlord – $3,000

7. Jan. – March 2014: Tenants Evicted. Owe the Landlord – $5,000

It’s really an amazing list!

Look at how many BC landlords who got tricked! This is clear proof why landlords need to screen carefully. Even Alberta landlords are now running credit checks on their potential renters and they have the most balanced laws in Canada.

How Can Good BC Landlords Avoid Bad Tenants?

Tenant screening is essential. And you need to always run a tenant credit check to make sure what your tenant tells you is true.

Make sure you run a tenant credit check the right way (and the legal way) by always using a certified tenant credit check provider such as GARDA.

You can’t run credit checks on tenants using a friend who is a mortgage agent, real estate agent, insurance broker, etc..

BC Landlords Make Sure You Rent To Good Tenants

Avoid these serial bad tenants who target small landlords by running tenant credit checks from certified companies.

Join the BC Landlords Association and start running premium credit checks today for only a one-time registration fee (no annual fee).

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